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03/12/2009 - New Releases!
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Serious Performance are delighted to introduce three new products to our line up...

First up is an acid free 'Ultra Wheel Gel'. Safe on all wheels, it clings to the wheel for better cleaning and contact time and is very effective.

Second is our new 'Dilute To Suit' Tyre & Trim Dressing. This is a waterbased self levelling dressing that when diluted upto 1:1 with water gives a matte finish, or when used straight out the bottle gives an awesome wet look finish.

Third is our new 'Ultra Glass Cleaner'. This is an Ammonia free formulation making it safe on all glass, including tints. Cuts through grease and grime incredibly effectively with even the smallest of squirts!

25/07/2009 - SP Show Detailer V2 & New Quick Detailer!
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Our new and updated Show Detailer v2 is finally available! Even slicker shine and more protection, Show Detailer v2 is taking detail sprays to a new level!

Also, given the push up to a dedicated finishing product with our Show Detailer, we felt it was time to release a dedicated Quick Detailer for all other 'work' duties such as claying, drying etc... Our new SP Quick Detailer is perfect. Great lubrication, streak free finishing and incredibly easy to work with, we're extremely happy to add this to our very selective product line up.

04/06/2009 - New & Improved Poorboys SSR Polishes In Stock!
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Poorboys World have released new and improved versions of their SSR 1 & 2 Polishes for 2009.

New micro and nano polishing powders as well as slightly better lubricating, the new versions work well and don't dust as much as the old versions... Theres also still the bonus of being able to use these polishes in direct sunlight.

These polishes will definately see a resurgance in popularity as they are much improved for 2009!

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