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18/11/2008 - Serious Performance Polishes Available Now!
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Serious Performance Polishes are in stock and available now!

Our new polishes are aimed at the enthusiast and pro Detailer alike; performance and ease of use being key. Three grades of polishes are available to help get your car swirl and scratch free and in perfect condition.

Our polishes are mainly aimed for use by Dual Action or Rotary machine polisher but can be used by hand with no problems.

07/11/2008 - Yet More New Microfibre In Stock!
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Serious Performance Have yet more new Microfibre Towels and cloths in stock!

Our new Blue Pique Waffle Weave Drying Towel , White Buffing Towel and Green Glass Towels are not only excellent quality but also give great value for money ... They perform pretty well too!

The new 'Sonus style' towels can be found in the Drying or Cloths & Towels sections of the site.

23/10/2008 - SP Kestrel Dual Action Polishers In Stock!
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Serious Performance are proud to announce that we now have in stock our new Kestrel Random Orbit Polishing machines!

The polisher and kits can be found in the 'Machine Polishing' section of the shop and are the perfect way to get into machine polishing without breaking the bank!

These machines are often the key to getting a swirl and scratch free finish when coupled with the right pads and polishes and even make applying glazes, waxes and sealants easier than applying by hand as you can lay down a thinner, more even coat of product onto the paintwork, further saving you money and waste and getting you even closer to that perfect finish!

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