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21/05/2008 - Dodo Juice Shampoo Launched!
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Another great product from the Dodo Juice stable is now available!

Dodo Juice 'Born to be Mild’ is a pH-neutral maintenance shampoo with good foaming properties and high lubricity – or slickness – to help prevent the dragging of dirt on paintwork during contact washing.

02/04/2008 - More Finish Kare Products Added To Shop!
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Serious Performance is expanding it's Finish Kare range and can now offer even more products in our shop!

We've added a fantastic sample pack so you can try a range of FK's products at a bargain price, as well as adding glazes, a fantastic all In One product in the 215 Cleaner and Surface Sealant and we also have the 425 Quick Detailer available in gallon size!

The more I continue to use the Finish Kare range and live with it long term, I can see why it's so highly regarded in the US. And not to mention it's outstanding value!

02/04/2008 - New Poorboys Products Released & In Stock!
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Poorboys World Have released their first new products for 2008.... And what a start!

Two new show glazes; White Diamond for light coloured cars and Black hole for dark colour cars can be applied any time to hide minor imperfections and to enhance gloss and shine.

Also released is the new Quick Detailer PLUS (QD+), an excellent Carnauba and Polymer enhanced quick detailer helping to boost both shine and protection in one very easy to use spray detailer.

Please see the shop for further info on these products.

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