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12/10/2007 - Dodo Juice Lime Prime is here!
News IMG The Eagerly awaited Dodo Juice Lime Prime Pre-wax Cleanser will be available from Serious Performance this coming week 1st October.
12/10/2007 - New Dodo Juce Hard Waxes Released!
News IMG

Great news for all you Dodo fans!

Dodo Juice have now released a further three hard waxes to compliment the already well established soft waxe range, and run alonside the excellent Banana Armour Hard Wax already available. Hard Candy is a generic hard wax giving a great shine and look on any colour paint. Diamond White is 'Colour Charged' for light colour cars, Blue Velvet for dark colours, and Banana Armour for 'warm' colours.

Hard Candy and Diamond White are available to purchase NOW in the 'Waxes' section of the shop, and the Blue Velvet will be available from around the 19th Oct.

A FREE Microfibre Cloth is still given away with all Dodo Juice Wax purchases!

03/10/2007 - Postal Strike 3/10/2007 - 10/...

Hi all,

As of the afternoon of Weds 3rd Oct, there will be yet another UK postal strike. This is set to last until NEXT Weds 10th Oct.

ALL orders up to the 3rd have been sent and we will continue to send out any orders where possible but, we cannot be held responsible for items delayed by the Royal Mails strike action.

All orders of 1500g + will automatically be sent by ANC Courier but, any smaller orders that people require urgently, please contact us to arrange delivery. We will do what we can to help.

Many thanks.


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