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02/06/2007 - Dodo Juice Waxes Are Here!
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On June 1st 2007, Dodo Juice launched it's new range of waxes.

A range of premium car waxes developed using the finest natural ingredients and hand made in the UK, and looks set to provide stiff competition to other top brands right from the start.

Each of the Dodo Juice waxes are easy to apply and buff off, leaving behind a durable layer of wax that enhances the gloss, depth and warmth of your car's paintwork.

Check out each of the waxes individually in our waxes section, theres bound to be at least one to tempt you!

16/05/2007 - Serious Performance Show Detailer Launched!
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It's finally here! The arrival of our brand new Serious Performance Show Detailer quick detail spray. Perfect at shows for light touch ups, removing very light dusting, fingerprints and smudges and that final, perfecting once over, yet slick to touch and giving a glorious shine that will give your car the 'just detailed' look.

Also perfect for claying with Show Detailers high lubricity, it will keep the claybar from catching on the paint and the bar nicely lubed.

Serious Performance Show Detailer is available in two sizes; as a 500ml ready to use and a 1 US gallon (3.78 litre) refil concentrate.

31/03/2007 - Prima Monster Fluffy MAX MF Towels Now In Stock!
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The Monster Fluffy MAX is insane! This new Monster drying and Quick Detailing towle measures in at a whopping 25”x50” (125 x 62 cm). That is bath towel big. The folded towel in the above photo is three inches thick!

It’s big. It’s fluffy. It’s as soft as a Caribbean sunset. The Monster MAX is the essence of luxury for your car.

We currently have a very limited introductory supply. This first batch is available in a handsome Chestnut Brown. We are hoping to add more color options in the near future.

Size: 25 x 50" / 125 x 62cm.

Colour: Chestnut.

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