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31/03/2007 - Prima Monster Fluffy MAX MF Towels Now In Stock!
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The Monster Fluffy MAX is insane! This new Monster drying and Quick Detailing towle measures in at a whopping 25”x50” (125 x 62 cm). That is bath towel big. The folded towel in the above photo is three inches thick!

It’s big. It’s fluffy. It’s as soft as a Caribbean sunset. The Monster MAX is the essence of luxury for your car.

We currently have a very limited introductory supply. This first batch is available in a handsome Chestnut Brown. We are hoping to add more color options in the near future.

Size: 25 x 50" / 125 x 62cm.

Colour: Chestnut.

06/01/2007 - Serious Performance 100% Genuine Sheepskin Wash Mitts Are Here!
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If Carlsberg made Sheepskin Wash Mitts.........

I spent nearly four months testing these and various other branded / unbranded mitts and these were the finest, best quality we found. have lasted the best and I feel offer the best value for money compared with any other mitt on the market.

Our Wash mitts are available now, singularly or in packs located in the 'Washing' section of the site.

29/11/2006 - Serious Performance Detailing Products!
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I'm pleased to announce the first of our own range of products are now available at Serious Performance!

Nearly a year of trial and testing in a multitude of conditions and I'm over the moon with the first three products available: A ph neutral shampoo, a non abrasive paint Cleanser and a Polymer Sealant.

Each can be purchased on their own, or have a look in the 'Detailing Kits' section for a great price on all three items just in time for Christmas!

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