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12/06/2013 - A Decade Later....
... And we're still here! 10 years old and counting .

I'd been looking around for an old invoice or receipt recently to confirm we'd hit the big ten. Our first order for a bottle of Clearkote Quikshine went out on May 24th 2003!

So a decade down the line and we're still going strong. We've introduced a few brands to the UK in that time such as Poorboys, Clearkote, Prima and Finish Kare but mainly focusing on our own SP Ultra Gloss range which we started around 7 years ago! . We're currently updating alot of our SP range with new bottles and labels as you can see on the SP Products page, and as always looking to bolster our extensive range of products to give our customers a great choice of detailing products without breaking the bank.

Finally a massive thanks to all our customers over the years that have helped make Serious Performance what it is today and here's hoping we can continue with our vast experience and selling top notch Detailing products at affordable prices!
07/05/2013 - Liquid Shine Polishes In Stock!

We're pleased to announce we are now stocking the excellent range of polishes by Liquid Shine. Having had good experience of these polishes previously when they used to supply our own polishes, the Liquid Shine brand is getting ever more popular and their versatile compounds getting high (and deserved) praise.

Available NOW in the Liquid Shine section of the webshop.

We are one of the first (if not THE first) supplier to offer the Fine Cut polish in it's new look bottled packaging, and as the year progresses we  should see both the High Cut and Zero Swirl move over to this new packaging also.

14/02/2013 - NEW! Duragloss #931 Rinseless Wax With Aquawax

Serious Performance are pleased to announce the arrival of Duragloss #931 Rinseless Wash With Aquawax which is a quick and easy way to wash any vehicle anytime, anywhere without water hoses or waste. This unique formula captures the dirt with a lubricating Polymer which prevents scratching.

Available in both 16oz (473ml) and 1 US Gallon (3.8 litre) sizes in the Duragloss section of the website.

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