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25/02/2010 - California Scents Now In Stock!
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Serious Performance are now stocking California Scents!

We've got the full Spillproof Organic Range in our new Air Freshener section of the shop. 

California Scents offer a wide variety of air fresheners for the home, office or car. Best known for the Spillproof Organic air freshener that comes neatly packaged in little cans, this new idea quickly caught on. With products that last for up to 60 days and made from organic fragrance oils, California Scents air fresheners are recycable, non-toxic and kind to the environment.

02/02/2010 - Serious Performance Ultra Citrus Cleaner Released!
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Serious Performance are pleased to announce the release of our dilutable Ultra Citrus Cleaner.

Safe on all surfaces with a multitude of uses our new Ultra Citrus Cleaner will help clean any surface quickly and easily as well as leaving a fresh citrus fragrance.

02/02/2010 - Serious Performance Ultra Spray Wax Released!
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Serious Performance release our first wax! Serious Performance Ultra Spray Wax was a long time in the making yet after many different versions of pastes and liquids we finally settled on a quick and easy to use spray wax that will enhance the final look of your car, as well as add protection and UV protection.

Ultra Spray Wax will sit over our Polymer Super Sealant with no issues or is absolutely fine as a stand alone wax in it's own right!

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