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Serious Performance 125mm Cooling Holed D/A Backing Plate
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Serious performance



The Serious Performance 125mm Cooling Holed Dual Action Polisher Backing Plate is a well made, cushioned construction urathane backining plate for use with any pads between 130 - 200mm (5 - 8").


The Velcro backing ensures a secure, and safe bond to the pad and the cooling holes stop 'pad collapse' with sustained use.

With a standard solid backing plate of this size, or with many of the cheap plastic backing pads often supplied with polishers, heat build up in the centre of the foam pad can make the the pad shrink and collapse in on itself. The cooling holes on our backing plate reduce the heat build up meaning you can polish for longer and keep the pad at a cooler more even temperature throughout the foam.


Threaded to fit Porter Cable, Kestrel DAS6 and Meguiars G220 Polishers (5/16th thread).

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