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Serious Performance 135mm Aggressive Denim Orange Peel Removal pad
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Serious performance



Serious Performance 135mm Aggressive Denim Orange Peel Removal pads can remove or substantially reduce orange peel in the top layer without sanding. These pads are equivalent to 2000 grit wet & dry papers, yet won't leave the dulling and sanding haze on your paint that wet sanding will, and while removing orange peel and deep defects you are also polishing the paint rather than leaving sanding marks which reduces the steps needed afterwards.

In use on either a rotary or Dual Action polisher, add a few drops of polish to the pad. Depending on how aggressive you want the pad will depend on the polish you use. Work a 2'x2' section at a time monitoring defect or orange peel removal as you go. Add more polish as needed or spritz the pad with water to add lubrication to the polish already being used. Once happy with the result, switch to a conventional foam or microfibre pad for finishing and refining.

Size: 135mm (5in) diameter.

Material: Denim surface with velcro backing.

1x pad per pack. 

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