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Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Show Detailer V3 - 1 US Gallon Refil Concentrate
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Serious performance




Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Show Detailer V3 is the latest version of our incredibly successful and popular Polymer based Quick Detailer spray that leaves a stunning, slick, wet look shine on your cars paint. Water will quickly bead off, anti-static properties help repel dust and dirt from settling back on the vehicle and light protection will help to resist the elements between coats of sealant or wax.


Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Show Detailer is safe on all paints, metals and non porous surfaces, inside and outside of your vehicle.


Contains no abrasives.

Size: 250ml of concentrate - Will make 3.78 litres / 1 US Gallon. This equates to 65ml of concentrate per litre of 'Ready to use' product.

Supplied with measuring beaker.

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