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Serious Performance 40x40cm 1000gsm Uber Premium Detailing MF Towel
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Serious performance




The Serious Performance Uber Premium Detailing Microfibre Towel is a supersoft 1000gsm 40x40cm double thickness detailing towel made up of the plushest microfibre pile you'll find anywhere and is made from exactly the same material as it's bigger brother, the Yellow Uber Drying Towel!

The Uber Premium Detailing Towel will make polish and wax removal a breeze with it's thick, dense but incredibly soft split end 1000gsm pile. Also perfect for quick detailing where a plush towel is paramount for that last gentle wipedown.

The Uber Detailing Towel will not lint and is machine washable hundreds of times to give you a great towel that will last for years.

The Uber is perfect for your car, boat and even around the house!

Size: 40x40cm / 16x16".

Colour: Blue.

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