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Serious Performance Premium Detailing Kit
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Serious performance



The Serious Performance Premium Detailing Kit gives you a fantastic collection of products to give your car that show winning shine! This kit incorporates our amazing 'Uber Premium microfibre Towels' as well as our already popular Ultra Gloss bottled products from shampoo and Paint Cleanser to our excellent Nano Sealant and Show Detailer polymer QD spray.


Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Shampoo is a gentle, yet effective pH neutral shampoo designed to remove dirt, road grime and contaminants from your vehicle without stripping wax or sealant protection.

Ultra Gloss Shampoo will leave your vehicle clean, conditioned and with a great shine!

Size: 500ml.

Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Paint Cleanser is a non abrasive, non filling paint cleaner designed to safely remove contaminants and oxidation quickly and easily from the paintwork after washing.

Ultra Gloss Paint Cleanser restores depth and colour, and utilises optical brighteners to further enhance the clarity and shine from your paint, prior to sealing with Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Nano Seal or your own favourite sealant or wax.

Size: 250ml.

Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Nano Seal gives the ultimate in gloss and protection. Ultra Gloss Nano Seal uses the latest Nano Polymer technology available to create a smoother, richer shine while also giving an incredibly strong bond to the paintwork.

UV, salt and detergent resistant, this sealant keeps your pride and joy protected for months no matter what mother nature throws at it!

Size: 250ml.

Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Show Detailer is our new and improved Show Detailer formula. Boasting even more gloss and a slightly higher polymer content we think we've got one of the best QD's on the market for that final show winning wipe down and light protecting abilities.

Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Show Detailer is a Polymer based Quick Detailer spray that leaves a stunning, slick, wet look shine on your cars paint. Water will quickly bead off, anti-static properties help repel dust and dirt from settling back on the vehicle and light protection will help to resist the elements between coats of sealant or wax.

Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Show Detailer is safe on all paints, metals and non porous surfaces, inside and outside of your vehicle.

Contains no abrasives.


Size: 500ml.

The Serious Performance 100% Genuine Sheepskin Wash Mitt is made from the absolute finest grade of sheepskin pelt made by the same factorythat produces Wah Mitts for EuroW and Sonus and is by far the softest and plushest mitt we have ever come across. The long, ultra plush fibres hold more soapy water and safely draw away more loosened dirt from the surface of your vehicle than a sponge ever will.

The comfortable, knit elastic cuff prevents the mitt slipping off while in use.

Perfect for use on your car, boat or around the home.

Care for your mitt: Rinse out with water before first use to release any lint from production and then rinse after each use and allow to air dry out of direct sunlight. Do not machine wash or machine dry.

Colour: Tan mitt with dark cuff.

The Serious Performance Ultra Waffle Wash Sponge is made from the same foam as our machine finishing pads so is ultra soft and kind on paint but, still firm enough to make holding and using a breeze. The waffle face helps loosen and remove any dirt safely while the shape and softness helps get into corners and crevices easily.

Perfect for use on your pride and joy's paint as well as being ideal for cleaning wheels or even using as an extra large product applicator with waxes and sealants this versatile sponge has a multitude of uses!

Size measured at the longest / widest / deepest points: 20L x 12W x 6D cm.

The Serious Performance Premium Microfibre Wheel Brush is one of the kindest brushes you can use on your wheels. No metal parts to potentially scratch and a long pile microfibre outer make this one of the best brushes for the price for cleaning expensive and delicate wheels!

Dimensions: approx 30cm in length inc handle.

Colour: Blue MF with yellow handle.

The Serious Performance Uber Drying & Detailing Towel has no seams and only a super soft microfibre border along one of the 40cm edges of the towel. Streak free drying helps reduce waterspots especially in hard water areas and the supersoft pile will not scratch your paint. The Uber Drying & Detailing Towel will not lint and is machine washable hundreds of times to give you a great towel that will last for years The Uber is perfect for your car, boat and even around the house! Size: 17x26" / 43x65cm. Colour: Yellow.

2x Serious Performance Uber Premium Detailing Microfibre Towels. A supersoft 40x40cm double thickness detailing towel made up of the plushest microfibre pile you'll find anywhere and is made from exactly the same material as it's bigger brother, the Yellow Uber Drying Towel!

The Uber Premium Detailing Towel will make polish and wax removal a breeze with it's thick, dense but incredibly soft pile. Also perfect for quick detailing where a plush towel is paramount for that last gentle wipedown.

The Uber Detailing Towel will not lint and is machine washable hundreds of times to give you a great towel that will last for years.

The Uber is perfect for your car, boat and even around the house!

Size: 40x40cm / 16x16".

Colour: Blue.

2x Serious Performance soft cotton terry Applicators are perfect for applying polishes, waxes and sealants, with a sponge inner pad, and are washable and reusable over and over.

2x applicators per pack.

Size: 11 cm diameter.


Individual product rrp £70.25

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