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Serious Performance 100g Ultra Gloss Medium Detailing Clay
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Serious performance




The Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Medium Detailing Clay is a soft and elastic 100g clay bar designed for use by beginners and experts alike, for medium claying and removal of everyday grime that builds up over time on your paints surface.

This clay is designed for regular usage and maintenance without marring or marking your paints surface and is perfectly safe for use with water although given the slightly coaser nature of a medium clay we'd recommend your favourite Quick Detail spray for added safety on your paint. The bright blue colour also helps you to see exactly what contaminants you are taking off the surface being treated.

The Serious Performance Ultra Gloss Medium Detailing Clay helps to remove:

  • Road grime (tar, grease, tire rubber)
  • Bug and bird remains
  • Rail and brake dust
  • Fine paint overspray
  • Road salts
  • Hard water deposits
  • Factory fallout and acid rain

Use on any 'hard' surface: paint, glass, wheels and plastic trim. 

Size: 100g bar. L 9.5cm x W 5cm x D 1cm approx.

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