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Serious Performance 80mm Fine Grade Clay Pad With Finger Strap
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The Serious Performance 80mm Fine Grade Clay Pad is made from an advanced rubber polymer that quickly and safely pulls contaminants away from any paintwork and glass on your car using the supplied 75mm adjustable finger strap. Simply attach the two together with their velcro backing and you'll have you car clayed in a fraction of the time over using a traditional clay bar.

Used instead of a traditional clay bar this 80mm pad is used to remove road grime, tree sap and any other bonded contaminants on your cars bodywork or other hard surfaces.

You can use our Clay Pads with water but we recommend sptritzing liberally the area being 'clayed' with a lubricating quick detail spray such as our Ultra Gloss Clean Detail spray.

This disc can simply be rinsed during or after use and reused over and over. The disc should be good to do 25-30 medium - large sized cars.

Use slow overlapping passes on the area being worked. There is no need to apply additional pressure other than the weight of pressing the pad onto the area and let the pad glide over the surface. Keep the area being worked lubed with your chosen quick detail spray or water.

As with any clay, this clay disc may cause marring depending on how soft the paint is on your vehicle but generally shouldn't mark your paint in any way.

Size: 80mm pad with 75mm adjustable finger strap.

These pads can also be used with our 75mm Domed Pad Holders. 

While we're not keen on getting electrics near water these pads can be used by a D/A polisher with any velcro backing plate from 75mm diameter.This is done at your own risk.

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