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Finish Kare DK1 Decontamination Kit
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Finish Kare




Finish Kare’s DK1 #1119/#883 Decontamination System is specifically designed to remove and neutralize contaminants from the paint surface as well as contaminants that have entered the subsurface, such as ferrous metals, iron oxide, Industrial fallout, bug splatter, bird droppings and acid rain.

Failure to neutralize and take away these harmful contaminants can lead to etching, laquer and paint degredation and permanent damage over time.


The materials in this system are, alkaline, acidic and neutral, THEY MUST BE USED IN THE SPECIFIC ORDER.

Step 1 - #1119 Soil and Coating Remover is a fully biodegradable cleaner which is alkaline based with inhibitors for safe usage. #1119 removes outer surface rust, iron oxides, soil coatings, vehicle wrap adhesives while cleaning and preparing the surface for step two.

Step 2 - #883 SIRR consists of blended acids and inhibitors which actually open the pores of the paint allowing the ferrous particles to be removed by agitation. Additionally, #883 will enter the subsurface of the paint film and neutralize caustic compounds generated by ferrous particles that have penetrated paint film.

Step 3 - #118SC A heavy-duty highly active shampoo concentrate, non-clogging, non-hydrolyzing neutral soap system. #118SC when used with cold water quenches the paint surface which pops ferrous particles up and out of the paint system. #118 because of its special blend of chemicals will also neutralize acid rain surfaces as well as acidic contamination below the surface.

Sizes: #1119 - 64oz, #883 - 32oz & #118SC - 32oz.

SP Notes - Quite old fashioned compared to many of todays iron and fallout removers but you won't get a more indepth and squeaky clean finish.


It's an old article but still one of the best step by step reviews:


The DK1 Decontamination Kit is recommended for professional use only and that saftey goggles and gloves be worn whilst using the Decon Kit.

The DK1 Decon Kit CANNOT be shipped outside of the UK.

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